This is a text-based adventure where you play a chill stoner who has recently fallen for a pyramid scheme. Now you need to make some money, and you've decided to do that by becoming a 'therapist'. There are plenty of paths you can take, with at least 5 possible endings. It's time for first appointment, so jump in and see how this goes!

There are seperate renpy and twine versions. The renpy version is available for download below.

Team Cloud9 is:

Dylan O’Donnell, Levi Coffing, Moss, Peyton Pietro


Cloud9 Renpy (MAC) 21 MB
Cloud9 Renpy (WIN) 36 MB

Install instructions

To play the renpy versions: install the applcation and unpack it. Run the executable. Have fun!


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10/10, hid from the feds, would do again